Kontrabando Ensemble

August 23, 2018
8:00 pm
Imaret Kavala
Kontrabando Ensemble



Kontrabando is a solid music ensemble made up of musicians- partners throughout the years in this beautiful musical journey. In every step they take they exchange both legal and illegal musical loads as indicated by their name as well (Kontra-bando: The procedure of illegal exchange of the cargo and the merchandise of two ships, when they berth next to each other in the middle of the sea…).

Living in different countries during the past few years (Switzerland-Zurich, Germany-Munich, Sweden-Uppsala) the members of the ensemble take advantage of their musical experiences gained not only as a group but by each one separately. That way, they present a music outcome which leads the listener to acrobat between the tropical, colorful, full of rhythm music of Greece.

By featuring the sounds of their homeland, Northern Greece (a crossroad of cultures and a link of musical influences), they create a unique artistic project that combines different forms of timbre and projects the common as well as the different musical characteristics between the people of the Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean and the West, feeling therefore the musical sensitivities of every contemporary listener.

Their repertoire is based on their own compositions (main source of inspiration is Alkis Zopoglou who plays the kanun) and in well-known music themes of Greek folk composers and artisans, always adapted by the musicians themselves with a more contemporary music look.

Being open to new collaborations and always depending on the requirements of every concert of theirs, they host different musicians who every time transfuse a unique color to their concerts. Within the frameworks of such collaborations they have hosted Haig Yazdjian (oud-SYR/ARM), Theodossi Spassov (kaval-BUL), Theo Kapilidi (electric guitar-GR), Kyriako Petra (violin-GR) and many others.

  • Alkis Zopoglou: KANUN
  • Nikos Angousis: CLARINET
  • Panos Karathanasis: ACOUSTIC BASS GUITAR
  • Minas Koutsambasopoulos: PIANO
Alkis Zopoglou 2019