Rodopi Ensemble & Lambros Liavas

March 7, 2020
8:00 pm
Scala Basel
Rodopi Ensemble & Lambros Liavas

Rodopi ensemble and Lambros Liavas


The members of Rodopi Ensemble started working together since the 1990s in Thrace and Macedonia; areas of north Greece where people live together by collectively forming a unique cultural movement.
Their melodies (chasapiko, tsifteteli, karsilamas,zeibekiko and others) compose a multi-colored mosaic of sounds. The main instruments of the cafes- aman orchestras like the violin, kanun, lute, toubeleki, are the musical instruments of Rodopi Ensemble, which, along with singing, entertain and capture the audience at every occasion.
In 2016, with new members in clarinet and vocals, Rodopi started working on their new album production, due to be completed by the end of 2018.
Today they are constantly performing in festivals, events, celebrations, weddings and traditional fairs, always hanging on to their special music “color”.

In addition to the performance there is the possibility of traditional Greek dance lessons, taught by our group members, either just before the concert, or at any other time suitable.

  • Kyriakos Petras: VIOLIN
  • Drosos Koutsokostas: VOICE & LUTE
  • Alkis Zopoglou: KANUN
  • Nikos Angousis: CLARINET
  • Yorgos Pagozidis: PERCUSION
  • Narrator: Lambros Liavas (ethnomusicologist)

Alkis Zopoglou 2019