Mediterranean Music Festival

mediterranean music festival

Musical traditions of the Mediterranean in the heart of Europe

The “mediterranean music festival” was founded and took place for the first time in the year 2014. It’s founder and artistic director is Alkis Zopoglou, a musician (kanun-player) of worldwide reputation himself.

His vision of the festival is to give artists of the Mediterranean area the possibility to present their work in the centre of Europe and at the same time respond to the public’s desire to get to know the music of the fantastic Mediterranean countries, their scent and ambience.

The “mediterranean music festival” shall be a place of exchange of musical experiences and compositions. Cultural features of Eastern and Western shall be harmoniously united.

Based on traditional music something new shall arise. Music from other cultures should have room for influences that are unfamiliar to their style, however being cautious not to ignore and arbitrarily suppress the characteristics of the source material.


Alkis Zopoglou 2019