Domus Levante

Domus Levante


The Domus Levante project is the result of intense musicology research which has been realized in the best possible way by artists whose countries played significant roles in the development of the music performed. It refers to European culture and community since the Renaissance is a clearly European movement which had a great impact worldwide affecting the artistic reality and especially the Mediterranean one. The interest range of this project’s concept touches a great part of the audience, since it involves those who love Eastern Music as well as those who are fans of classical and contemporary music.

Musicians from different countries and musical cultures as well as different musical genres are performing on stage showing the differences but also the numerous similarities of the mediterranean music during the period of Renaissance. The experimental nature of our project lies in the combination of instruments of different musical cultures and the creation of new compositions basing on this philosophy.

The Western Early Music has attracted the interest of scholars, musicians and the public and as a result we have a sufficient number of recordings and concerts. At the same time however, we have at the Eastern Mediterranean equal significant classical traditions. We can easily observe affinities between these two musical worlds of that era, in terms of repertoire, instrumentarium and musical practice. These historical facts, served as inspiration for four renowned artists from Greece, Italy and Spain.

The musical instruments as well as the artistic concerns of the four musicians trace the selection of the repertoire: “Early music from East and West of the Mediterranean” with references to the modern times with compositions of Zopoglou and Kalaitzidis, inspired from these traditions. With the presence and participation of the other two musicians from Spain and Italy the project meets the utmost implementation.


Viola da Gamba: Leonardo Bortolotto
Oud, Vocals: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis
Cornetto: Lluis Coll Trull
Kanun: Alkis Zopoglou

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